By David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) — It doesn’t get much braver than King Gaylor. For the past few months, the three-year-old Fall River boy has been battling cancer.

And now, he will also be a Pedal Partner for a group of young riders doing the Pan-Mass Challenge.

Whether it’s giving mommy a flower or having some fun playtime with daddy, King is a joy to be around.

Unfortunately, King was diagnosed with leukemia back in January.

His mother, Nasharis Torres, says at first they just thought his sickness was a cold.

“He had a little ear infection. He was lethargic, a little pale. I chucked it up as the flu,” said Torres.

Turns out, it was much more distressing. And King’s diagnosis was followed by two months of cancer treatments.

His father, Timothy Gaylor, says it’s been a difficult road.

“You seen a kid one way from being so active to all of a sudden he just doesn’t want to do nothing anymore, it was real tough.”

And his parents never left King’s side.

“One of us was there every day.” Nasharis said. “If I went home to rest, he was there, and vice versa.”

Months later, thanks to the hard work by doctors at Dana-Farber, that hope was rewarded. King is currently cancer-free. But his mother says the battle is not over.

“Doctors say he would need treatment for two years to make sure the leukemia doesn’t come back.”

And Dana-Farber and the PMC will have King’s back in the battle.

He’s a pedal partner with the “Team Next Gen” Pan-Mass Challenge group. Riders like Alie Saraceno are ready to raise money in his honor.

“It serves as such a source of inspiration, even when you hit a hill and you don’t want to keep going,” said Saraceno. “It’s really special.

King Gaylor (left) will be the pedal partner with the “Team NextGen” Pan-Mass Challenge group (right) that is raising money in his honor. (WBZ-TV)

King’s parents say they will be out on the course to support those riders and to thank the PMC and Dana-Farber for all that they have done for their son.

“King is truly blessed. He’s got a lot of people in his corner,” said Nasharis. “I couldn’t really ask for more.”

David Wade