By Zack Green

BOSTON (CBS) — As the historic heatwave in the west continues, southern New England is looking at some of the effects from the other side of the continent.

(WBZ-TV graphic)

In the Pacific Northwest alone, the extensive wildfires have burned over 100,000 acres. When the plumes of smoke lift into the atmosphere, the jet stream moves the haze across the northern United States. It had reached us on Monday, but clouds limited the view of the orange hue. Tuesday’s mainly clear skies has given us an indication of just how thick this smoke is.

The hazy sky in the Boston area from wildfire smoke (WBZ-TV)

The good news is this will remain the atmosphere and not be deposited to the surface. Air quality alerts are not in effect nor are we expecting them. Even better news is a cold front is going to clear this out by Wednesday evening.

(WBZ-TV graphic)

This front will come along with some strong thunderstorms which may prove to have heavy rain and damaging wind. Once we get past that, drier, cooler air returns and we’ll see brilliant blue sky by Thursday!

Zack Green