BOSTON (CBS) – More rain means more mosquitos. And now experts are warning people things could get worse before they get better this summer.

“The influx of additional rain and standing water, mosquito pressure is up. So you get that water in people’s yards compounded by the heat, it take the gestation period from normally 7-10 days to 4-7,” said Jodi Elliott of Mosquito Joes.

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While the bites are always an itchy nuisance, experts are carefully monitoring the development of mosquito-borne West Nile Virus. So far, only one sample tested positive in Medford.

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An even bigger concern is eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), which causes swelling of the brain and kills one-third of its victims.

The disease hit hard in summer 2019. So far there have been no human or animal cases in the state, but experts say that doesn’t mean we can let our guards down.

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Experts say the go-to advice still works. Get ride of standing water in your yard, use bug spray, wear long sleeves and don’t hang outside at dawn or dusk when mosquitos are most active.