(MARE) – Jaydon is a friendly and resilient teenage boy of Caucasian descent. He describes himself as a bit of a quiet person, but emphasizes that he likes hanging out with people and joking with them. He is described by others as engaging and humorous with a big heart. Jaydon enjoys both watching and playing sports, especially basketball and football. He is a big fan of the Golden State Warriors and New England Patriots. When he’s not outside playing sports or riding his bike, he enjoys playing video games. Jaydon is also very interested in cars, ATVs and anything with an engine. He has a collection of RC cars and enjoys pointing out unique cars that he sees while driving. This past summer, Jaydon enjoyed playing games like Sorry! and UNO with his friends at camp.

Jaydon’s favorite subjects in school are social studies and math. He is diagnosed with Autism and receives supportive services at school. He is receptive to, and appreciative of, the help and guidance of his teachers. Jaydon develops strong relationships with peers, and looks forward to spending time with friends both in and out of school.

Legally freed for adoption, the number one thing that Jaydon wants you to know is that his sister is very important to him and that he cares about her very much. It is imperative that his close relationship with her is supported and maintained long-term. Jaydon is looking forward to being part of a family, and will thrive in a loving and supportive two-parent home with or without other children. While Jaydon is looking for a permanent home, his social worker also feels that he could benefit from a visiting resource and is open to exploring that option with those who might be interested.

For more information you can contact MARE: 617-964-MARE (6273) or visit www.mareinc.org.

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