By Ken MacLeod

CHATHAM (CBS) — Three men will soon hop onto a souped-up row boat in the waters of Chatham for the adventure of a lifetime. The plan? Pull those oars until they get to Ireland.

Mission leader Reamonn Byrne says their boat, named “Barney”, actually took on water for four days into their first try last month out of New York City and had to be towed into Cape Cod.

The boat named “Barney.” (WBZ-TV)

It’s now ready for a second shot.

“We’re going to row 24 hours a day between us, times 60 days across the North Atlantic, to get to Ireland,” said Byrne.

He’s making the trip with two Alaskan mountain climbers he recruited online, believe it or not. Chris McCaffrey and Ryen Cosgro certainly expect the unexpected.

“It doesn’t do you any good if you have perfect rowing form, and are absolutely jacked, if you can’t fix things”, Cosgro said.

Ryen Cosgro, Reamonn Byrne and Chris McCaffrey. (WBZ-TV)

The trio has spent the last 10 days staying with the Hardiman family in Plymouth, a couple who Reamonn met through his pub in New York City, where he first pitched his Trans-Atlantic plan to somewhat less than rave reviews.

“We were kind of horrified, initially,” said Tom Hardiman. “We were like, ‘No, this can’t be. No, please, don’t do this.'”

But the Hardimans soon got behind the dream, and were quick to provide room, board, and reassurance when the first effort had to be scuttled.

The Hardimans also gave them a family good look charm for the trip.

“These are guys that have quite a bit of experience, and have done things that none of us would ever dream of doing,” said Micki Hardiman.

Each man has gained 30 pounds for the trip, which they expect to lose from exertion and sea sickness as they cross the Atlantic.But they are feeding off an ocean of encouragement.

“The people has been what has just stood out the most, just how kind and generous everyone has been. It blows my mind,” said Cosgro.

The three men are calling their trip “The Hard Way Home”. They can be tracked on their instagram page.

Hurricane Elsa has delayed the start of the trip until later this week.

Ken MacLeod