By Staff

FALL RIVER (CBS) — A man from Fall River is back at home with his family after spending six months in the hospital battling COVID-19.

David Rochester was put into a medically-induced coma for 56 days during his time at the hospital, and had several near-death experiences. He was able to reunite with his fiance and two kids before Father’s Day.

“It’s been a long six months, but we are reunited. I cried like a baby,” he said.

While Rochester says “the worst part of this journey is over”, he does have a long recovery ahead of him.

David Rochester at home with supplemental oxygen after being in the hospital for six months. (WBZ-TV)

“As the days go on, my lungs are still trying to rebuild themselves. I still need to re-learn how to walk, re-use my right arm. A lot of it was damaged in the coma.”

When asked what it was like to spend 56 days in a coma, Rochester said he was not aware how much time passed when he woke up.

“Honestly, it felt like I closed my eyes for a second. The moment they woke up, I didn’t believe 56 days had passed.”

After spending 56 days in the hospital, Rochester believes people should get vaccinated.

“I’m a firm believer in if you really want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated. I suggest it. Protect yourself, protect your family, protect the people you love and care about.” Staff