By Bill Shields

SUDBURY (CBS) — Mike Walsh looks darn good for someone who COVID put on a ventilator for 110 days.

“I know how lucky I am to be here, given how long I was under,” said Walsh.

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Over three months ago, COVID ravaged Mike. He had kidney failure, a brain bleed, and was in a coma for months. Doctors all but told his family to pull the plug.

“I think it’s his will to live. His will too come back to me and our kids,” said Laura Semple Walsh, Mike’s wife.

But then, Mike came out to of it. In April, with doctors and nurses cheering, he was transferred to Spaulding rehab.

“Nurses were banging on windows, up above. It was really a great moment,” said Mike.

But Mike is now fighting a neurological disorder that’s left him with only the use of his left arm.

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“It’s a miracle that Mike is still here. But when he gets home, we have a long road ahead of us,” said Laura.

Over the years, Mike has coached hundreds of kids in little league. It seems everyone in Sudbury knows him.

They’re pulling for him, showing their support with signs in yards, and a fundraising campaign.

13-year-old Steve Hettrich designed t-shirts.

“I just wanted to make it a little bit easier by raising funds to get something for him to help him out,” said Hettrich.

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There are now stakes in his backyard, marking the beginning of a new bedroom for Mike that is wheelchair accessible.

Bill Shields