By Mike LaCrosse

LOWELL (CBS) – Lowell Police are investigating after a young girl was attacked by a dog. Eight-year-old Soleana has 13 stitches in her face after a dog bit her in her own yard.

“For her, she’s handling it pretty well, which is surprising because she’s very emotional and she’s been strong for me too,” said her mom Ashely Adair. “Her face is infected. It’s been draining a lot. They’re going to see if she needs antibiotics, and if she does, she’ll be admitted.”

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Ashely says a dark black or brown pit bull bit her daughter in the front yard of their Gorham Street home Tuesday night.

“Some guy was walking by. His dog was off the leash and she ran up to pet him for excited and, he must have been scared and he bit her,” she said.

“You can’t walk your dog like that the dogs needs to be on a leash. It could be worse,” said the girl’s step-grandfather Victor Luna Jr.

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Parents in the area are keeping their keeps out of their front yards.

“For a mom of three children, knowing that my kids play in the neighborhood, it’s concerning,” said Amanda Zapkoski.

Lowell Police say they are investigating. Ashley hopes the dog owner is caught, so no other kids get hurt.

“I hope he just realizes that it’s not okay to keep your dog off a leash when you’re walking,” she sad. “Especially if you don’t know if there are kids around, you don’t know how your dog is going to be with other kids.”

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If anyone has any information, give Lowell Police a call.