NEWTON (CBS) – A group of local doctors got the band back together for their first performance in front of a live audience since before the pandemic.

“There’s something really special about the immediacy of live music,” said Dr. Jake Joffe. “I’m sure we’re a little rusty, but it’s not really about that.”

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What it is about – outside Baramor in Newton Centre Wednesday night – is medicine for the soul: music.

“It activates a lot of circuits anyway, but at this particular time I think we could all use a pretty significant dose of fun,” said Dr. Joffe.

Wet Tap performs at Baramor in Newton Centre (WBZ-TV)

The band Wet Tap is made up of mostly Newton Wellesley Hospital anesthesiologists. Their last show was to celebrate retiring nurse colleagues in early 2020. Just weeks later the pandemic hit – changing everything about their “day jobs.” There was no more live music – and their shared creative outlet was put on hold. After more than a year working the frontlines, this first show back means more to them than their audience.

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“We were nervous. We were scared. We saw everything people think you see at the hospital,” recalled Dr. Alex Gerhart, of the many months providing care to Covid positive patients.

“We all put in the hard work with masking and vaccinations and taking care of our patients. Everybody did the best we could. That’s what enabling this tonight – this return to normalcy,” said Dr. David Goodman.

Even as life begins to look and feel fun again, these doctors could never forget what Covid took.

“There are a lot of people suffering. Some of which you can see and is obvious and some which is not. I think there are a lot of scars that run deep that are not always that obvious,” Joffe added.

And these post-pandemic “firsts” offer hope for what’s to come. Happiness in the little things – and holding onto it.

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“Of all the things I do that are not work, this is clearly the thing that brings me the most joy,” Joffe said.

Juli McDonald