BOSTON (CBS) — Brad Stevens’ effort to replace Brad Stevens is underway in earnest.

After completing interviews with assistant coaches who worked on his staff, Stevens has now begun reaching out to candidates from outside the organization for interviews.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that this list of candidates is expected to be “expansive.”

Wojnarowski named five specific candidates: Chauncey Billups, Darvin Ham, Charles Lee, Jamahl Mosley, and Ime Udoka.

Billups’ name has certainly been a hot one since last year, when reports indicated the former All-Star point guard expressed a desire to become a head coach in the NBA. The 44-year-old joined the Clippers’ coaching staff last November, working under head coach Tyronn Lue.

Billups was initially drafted by the Celtics with the third overall pick in 1997, but he played just 51 games for Boston before Rick Pitino traded him to Toronto. He’d go on to play 17 seasons, wining a championship with Detroit in 2004.

The Clippers are currently in the midst of a second-round series vs. the Utah Jazz, so any interview with him may need to wait.

Wojnarowski’s wording suggests that the pool of outside candidates is likely to include more coaches than the ones named in the tweet.

Stevens took over as the Celtics’ president of basketball operations last week, moving out of the head coaching position and replacing the retiring Danny Ainge. Staff