By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – One-month-old Maddison, sleeping peacefully now, gave her Brockton mother the scare of her life on Tuesday.

“I just gave birth to this little one and I feel so connected to her. At one point before they arrived I seriously thought I was going to lose my baby,” said Risibele Conceicao.

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“All the sudden I see her eyes rolling, drooling from her mouth. I got into panic.”

Officers Jerry Sonnal and Franklin Tejeda helped save Risibele Conceicao’s daughter Maddison. (WBZ-TV)

The 26-year-old frantically called 911. Her prayers were answered almost instantly.

Officers Jerry Sonnal and Franklin Tejeda were there to perform lifesaving first aid.

“They came so quick. It was so so quick,” she said.

Before these men are police officers, they’re people. They’re both young dads themselves. They answered this call highly trained, and with heart.

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“He’s almost two years old,” Tejeda said of his own son. “So I remember when I first grabbed on to her, the feeling of having a one month old in my hand.”

“I put myself in her shoes with my child, as a dad. This is why I do what I do. This is what we put on the badge for. I’m just glad I was able to help,” Sonnal said.

Baby Maddison, who was saved by two Brockton police officers. (WBZ-TV)

Baby Maddison is still here thanks to two heroes.

“I want to be able to tell my daughter one day, these two officers saved your life,” the mother said smiling.

And yet these officers are also saying thank you.

“It’s like an honor to even be the one to come through the door. It’s really a privilege,” said Officer Tejeda.

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“Thank you for trusting us to take care of your baby,” Officer Sonnal told Conceicao as they were reunited on Thursday.

Juli McDonald