By Staff

HOPKINTON (CBS) – An attorney for one of Mikayla Miller‘s friends says his client contacted a guidance counselor at Hopkinton High School and Miller’s aunt out of concern that the 16-year-old might hurt herself days before her death.

That friend was one of the teenagers who had a fight with Miller on April 17, the night before her body was found.

Attorney Joseph Cataldo said his client had an email exchange with a guidance counselor April 12 and 13 asking her to check in on Miller. The attorney also noted that the friend reached out to Miller’s aunt on April 11.

The 16-year-old was found dead April 18 in the woods off West Main Street near her home. Just hours before her death, investigators said she was involved in a confrontation with five other teens.

“Anyone who claims my client, who is a juvenile, is blameworthy in any way is speaking out of ignorance of the facts. The fact is she had contacted and informed both a school official and her now deceased friend’s family out of concern for her friend,” Cataldo said in a statement.

“This is a sad situation. Ultimately, upon the conclusion of the investigation, I expect my client will be absolved of any wrongdoing, and she should be commended for her efforts to get help for her friend.”

Earlier this week, the Medical Examiner ruled Miller’s death to be a suicide, with the cause as “asphyxia by hanging.”

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump joined Miller’s mother Calvina Strothers in a telephone news conference Wednesday denouncing the medical examiner’s findings. Strothers believes her daughter was murdered.

“I know the truth, and it’s not what they say,” said Strothers. “It’s not their kid, so they don’t care, but that is my child and I will fight tooth, nail, until the day I leave this earth.”

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families has an open case on Strothers dating back to March of 2020. When asked about that, activists said prosecutors are keeping the case open out of revenge for her speaking out about the death investigation.

Supporters of the Miller family are planning a march on Friday outside Middlesex District Marian Ryan’s office in Lowell. Staff