BOSTON (CBS) – Nightclubs weren’t supposed to re-open their doors until August, but now that Massachusetts is lifting COVID restrictions on May 29, they’re suddenly planning for a much busier summer.

After so much lost business due to the pandemic, owners couldn’t be happier.

“We feel amazing. We feel excited. We feel like we’ve been waiting for 14 months for this to happen and it’s here,” Randy Greenstein of Big Night Entertainment Group told WBZ-TV.

“Now we really get to get people back to work, get a paycheck, feel like they’re providing for their family and actually making money again.”

You won’t see plastic barriers on the dance floors, or temperature checks at the doors, just like old times.

“We do know that everybody we talk to wants normalcy, they want the pre-pandemic life back, so we’re going to provide that and anyone that still nervous should probably, shouldn’t go to a nightclub yet, if you’re nervous,” Greenstein said.

Big Night will not fully reopen all their clubs in the city right away because they don’t have enough staff to do it all at once.

“We started the pandemic with 1,500 employees. We had to go down to zero and now we’re on our way back up ,we have seven or eight-hundred right now,” Greenstein said.

They’re looking to hire more than 500 workers as soon as possible. Staff