By Staff

BROOKLINE (CBS) — Conan O’Brien is leaving late night television next month for a new project, and he has officially set a date for his final show. The Brookline native said the last night of “Conan” on TBS will be June 24.

The 1985 Harvard graduate is the longest-serving late night TV host. He’s been on TBS for 11 years following a short and rocky tenure as host of “The Tonight Show” in between Jay Leno’s hosting stints. O’Brien started hosting late night TV back in 1993 when he took over NBC’s Late Night when David Letterman left for CBS.

O’Brien said he was grateful to TBS for giving him a landing spot after the dramatic end to his time at NBC.

“They gave me a home when I needed one most and I’m entirely grateful and very proud of what we’ve accomplished,” he said.

O’Brien said the last few weeks of his show will feature special guests and favorite moments from the past decade.

“There will be shockingly few, if any references, to Donald Trump because that’s always been my favorite kind of comedy,” he said.

The 58-year-old is headed to streaming service HBO Max, where he will host a new weekly variety series. Staff