By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — At this point in his career, the very last person that needs a kick in the butt would seemingly be Tom Brady. The Buccaneers are giving him one anyway.

Well, at least it seems that way, after the Buccaneers drafted quarterback Kyle Trask out of Florida with the 64th overall pick of this year’s draft.

The Buccaneers are obviously being prudent, drafting a potential quarterback of the future. Their current quarterback is approaching his 44th birthday, after all.

Still, one can’t help but be reminded of another team that tried to draft Brady’s successor in the second round, only to kick-start arguably the best four-year stretch of the entire Hall of Fame career of the then-Patriots quarterback.

That time, it was obviously Jimmy Garoppolo, whom the Patriots selected with the 62nd overall pick in 2014.

It’s frankly rather ridiculous that it’s been seven years since this happened the first time, when Bill Belichick famously mentioned Tom’s “age and contract situation.” Brady is now currently sitting as the reigning Super Bowl MVP, coming off a 40-touchdown season and looking to run it back in Tampa.

To say he’s outlasted any and all expectations on his career would be a slight understatement. He probably should have wrapped things up four years ago. Instead, he’s fresh off signing a contract extension.

And it’s equally preposterous to even suggest — seriously, jokingly, or somewhere in between — that the Trask selection was made to try to squeeze even more inspiration out of the eternally motivated Brady.

Nevertheless, that’s precisely what the Twitter world did on Friday night.

This next one isn’t really about the succession plan or any motivation, but nevertheless warrants a spot in any and all compilation of tweets about the two quarterbacks.

There we go.

And then there’s this:

So, realistically, Brady will actually stop playing football. Probably. The Bucs likely won’t win two more Super Bowls with Brady. (Right? RIGHT?!?!?!) And a selection like this one is likely much more in line with a look ahead as far as 2023, as the Bucs will likely have to face the reality of a post-Tom Brady world in a couple of years. The 2020 Patriots showed that it can be a struggle if you’re caught unprepared for that scenario.

But, well, things get silly during draft weekend, and so football folks couldn’t help but crack wise at this situation. While Brady may go a little extra hard on the resistance bands when he wakes up to read the news tomorrow morning, this is not really comparable to that history-altering selection of Garoppolo in 2014. Nevertheless, it carries juuuuust enough similarities for all of us to bust out the amateur comedy routines. We’re definitely all joking. Mostly.