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LEXINGTON (CBS) — A woman in Lexington is helping hundreds of families deal with severe food allergies. Amy Thieringer is the creator and CEO of A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique. 

She started this holistic alternative treatment after nearly losing her own son to a severe allergic reaction after he ate a handful of cashews. She identifies which toxins are creating stress and then re-balances the gut bacteria with probiotics in order to reset an over-reactive immune system.

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Thieringer said this approach makes a huge difference.

Amy Thieringer uses a holistic approach to treat child food allergies (WBZ-TV)

“We’re working on strengthening and supporting the immune system, calming the anxiety response,” she said. “And then we slowly and safely introduce the food so that in about a three-month period the child is able to eat that food freely.”

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We first told you about Thieringer on WBZ-TV a few years ago. She says she has now cured more than 500 kids and is currently preparing for a large-scale medical study of her work.


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