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SALEM (CBS) – Frontline healthcare workers at Salem Hospital have had to go through a lot over the past year battling the coronavirus pandemic. But on Wednesday, they received a pick-me-up in the form of an adorable dog.

Meet Charlotte the Corgi. She is Salem Hospital’s new therapy dog.

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Charlotte paid a visit to healthcare workers at Salem Hospital on Wednesday. (Photo Credit: Salem Hospital)

The three-year old made her first round on Wednesday, visiting frontline workers who have been caring for COVID patients for more than a year. Charlotte is a certified pet therapy dog and has a tri-colored fluffy coat. Her owners are Brian and Janet Barnes, a married couple.

Janet is Salem Hospital’s Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety while Brian is a volunteer at Salem Hospital.

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“She’s just hilarious. She’s very active. She learns really quickly. Very smart,” said Janet. “And she just brings smiles to people’s faces.

Charlotte helped employees take a break and relax.

“It is truly fantastic to be able to see Charlotte on the floor,” said Salem Hospital nurse Mary-Catherine Gavel. “People have gone through a lot, a lot of stress. And to just have Charlotte come in, even just for a few minutes, lends to a pause, kind of take a breath, and have a moment with Charlotte and feel that unconditional love is a great refresher for the day.”

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