By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – These days, life is a lot less hectic for Marc Silvestri. No one is shooting at him.

But in 2008, he was stationed in a remote outpost in the mountains of Afghanistan, a place the soldiers called a bullet sponge. “And they closed those outposts in the mountains in Afghanistan, and at that time I had a bitter taste that they were closing it down and our sacrifice was all for naught,” he said.

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Marc Silvestri served in Afghanistan. Now, he said, it’s time to go. (Courtesy photo)

After 20 years and almost 2,500 American lives lost, President Biden is now bringing home the last of the soldiers. And Silvestri said it’s time. “I think now is the time to get us home and make them stand on their own feet, really,” he said.

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Former state Rep. Hank Naughton, of Clinton, also saw combat in Afghanistan. He, too, said it’s time to go. “I think it’s time. The threat that was there when we went in — it’ll be 20 years ago this November — has dissipated to the extent that I don’t know what purpose it serves for us to stay,” he said.

He said the American military is capable of quick strikes in Afghanistan if necessary.

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“The way we can best serve the memories of those who didn’t come home or have come home with injuries is to continue to protect our country as best as possible,” Naughton said.

Bill Shields