By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) – As thousands of more students returned to school this past week, the number of COVID-19 cases went up again but slightly.

Districts, collaboratives and special education schools reported 821 cases among students between April 1-7. That’s the highest weekly total this academic year, up from 801 last week.

However, there are significantly more children in school this week. The state now estimates there are about 610,000 students in classrooms in Massachusetts public schools. That’s up 35,000 from a total of 575,000 students last week.

The state required all elementary students to return to full in-person learning on April 5, although 58 districts were granted waivers.

There were 157 coronavirus cases among staff members in Massachusetts schools between April 1-7. That’s down from 244 last week.

Since September 24th, when the weekly release of data started, 10,314 students and 5,668 staff have tested positive.

The weekly report released every Thursday shows the number of positive cases for students who are in hybrid or in-person models. It does not include students in remote-only programs.

For the district breakdown on coronavirus cases, visit the DESE website. Staff