By Staff

EAST BOSTON (CBS) – Firefighters rescued a woman who became stuck in the mud Thursday while searching for sea glass near Constitution Beach in East Boston.

Firefighters rescue a woman from the East Boston mud. (WBZ-TV)

It happened around 3 p.m. off of Coleridge Street.

Camille Coelho was trying to cut through what she thought was gravel to reach the beach. Instead, she became stuck in the mud nearly up to her waist.

“I have never walked these flats. I don’t plan on walking the flats again,” she joked. “It looked like it was gravel, and I was trying to cut through the gravel to get to the beach. And it was not gravel.”

A woman became stuck in the mud and needed to be rescued in East Boston. (WBZ-TV)

Someone who lives in the area saw Coelho struggling and called for help.

“The neighbors called and saw me out there and said ‘Do you want me to call the fire department?’ I said ‘God no, that’s too embarrassing,’” Coelho said.

Firefighters laid a ladder and long boards on top of the mud and were able to get the woman and dog to safety.

Fortunately, Coelho’s dog Lucy did not get stuck and was unhurt as well.

“I really want to thank the responders. They were great,” Coelho said. Staff