By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Brian Scalabrine can bring the pain. Still.

You may remember that the former NBA player took part in “The Scallenge,” in which he absolutely dominated people in 1-on-1 games to 11 to prove that regular Joes stand no chance against NBA players. But that was eight years ago.

One might wonder if the now-43-year-old Scalabrine can still destroy anyone who challenges him on the hardwood.

It turns out, he can.

Scal is the star of a video that went a little viral on Tuesday night. In it, a local high school player saw Scal shooting around at the gym and decided to challenge him to a game. The two agreed to put their shoes on the line for the game.

For the younger player, that was all a bad idea.

Scal used his 6-foot-9 frame and clear weight advantage to bully his way to an 11-0 victory.

Scalabrine played his final NBA season in the 2011-12 season, so this high school player likely only knew him as the Celtics’ color analyst, or maybe as the guy in the BIG3 a few years back, with no real recollection of Scal draining corner threes to send the TD Garden into euphoria late in Celtics victories in the 2000s. Scal probably told the kid that he was MVP of the ’08 Finals.

On Twitter, though, Scal wasn’t exactly gloating. He seemed to indicate that he was a little bit sore.

Surely at some point, Scalabrine will no longer be able to destroy any misguided challenger who chooses to call him out. But that day is not today. Staff