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BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots officially announced last week’s Marcus Cannon trade to the Houston Texans, though the team did not announce specific terms for the deal. Luckily, we have reporters to dig deep and snuff out those details.

In the swap, the Patriots sent Cannon, a fifth-round pick and a sixth-round pick to Houston, and received a fourh- and fifth-round pick in return, via ESPN’s Mike Reiss. The sixth rounder sent to Houston is originally from Dallas, and the fourth rounder coming to New England is originally from Arizona.

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Got it? Good. Now let’s take a quick updated look at New England’s draft assets heading into the 2021 NFL Draft:

1st Round, No. 15
2nd Round, No. 46
3rd Round, No. 96 (compensatory pick)
4th Round, No. 120
4th Round, No. 122 (from Houston)
4th Round, No. 139 (compensatory pick)
5th Round, No. 177 (compensatory pick)*
6th Round, No. 187 (from Houston)
6th Round, No. 196
7th Round, No. 241

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*The Patriots received an extra compensatory pick in the fifth round, the NFL announced Friday, March 19.

The biggest takeaway from the Cannon trade is that the Patriots turned a fifth-round pick into a fourth-round selection.

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The NFL Draft is slated to take place from April 29 through May 1. Staff