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NEWTON (CS) — Police are warning residents of the Newton Highlands/Waban area of a cluster of home break-ins.

Six homes were broken into between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, and some of the break-ins occurred when residents were home.

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Officers began receiving reports of the break-ins shortly after 8 p.m. on Monday, when a homeowner reported someone entered his Mary Ellen Road home through the back door. At 9 p.m., officers were called to Winslow Road, where a back door was open in a vacant home.

At 9:50 officers responded to another break-in on Beethoven Avenue, where a window near the deck was pried open. The residents at that home said they were in the bedroom with the lights off when they heard sounds and saw a person in the bedroom with a flashlight. The suspect then fled.

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At 10:40 p.m., officers were sent to Harrison Street for a breaking and entering in progress. The resident said she was in her basement when she heard footsteps upstairs. She went up to her living room and her people in her upstairs bedroom. She went to a neighbor’s home and called the police. The homeowner saw the suspects while she was calling for help and said they were about 5’6″ A pair of diamond earrings and an iPhone were missing.

On March 16, police responded to a break-in that was believed to have occurred before 6 a.m. The Carver Road homeowner found an open bedroom window and two pillows disturbed. Nothing was missing, but the homeowner was believed to be home at the time. An officer who was canvassing the area in response to the housebreak saw another home had been broken into on Hinckley Road. The residents were not home, but officers found drawers were open and rifled.

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Anyone with information about the housebreaks should call the Newton Police Department. Staff