By Anaridis Rodriguez

BOSTON (CBS) – Two local rescues have teamed up to save and transport close to 100 homeless pets evacuated from Texas. Many shelters in the state had to shut down because of extreme cold that led to power outages.

“We were able to head down to Austin to help with the relief efforts of getting animals that were in shelters previously, looking for homes, out of the shelters that were damaged,” said Director of Adoptions & Programs at MSPCA-Angell Mike Keiley.

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A team of dedicated volunteers, from the MSCPA and Northeast Animal Shelter, drove to Texas to rescue just over 60 cats and 30 dogs. The good deed is going the distance.

Keiley says the animals will get a chance at adoption in New England and Texas shelters get the space they need to help the pets displaced by winter storms.

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“A lot of the shelters have been without water or electricity or both. The shelter that we work with, Austin Pets Alive, their shelter was damaged but functional,” Keiley said. “They couldn’t get them to us so we said, ‘you know what, we’ll come to you.’ Even though it’s quite a distance, we took four vans and eight people. They didn’t hesitate to volunteer.”

The group took the 30+ hour drive Tuesday morning and returned Friday night. Most of the animals could be ready for adoption as soon as Monday.

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