By Nick Emmons, WBZ-TV

CANTON (CBS) – Canton Police are looking for the people involved in a violent crash, and shooting that took place on Route 138 Sunday night.

Cell phone video from another driver shows two cars speeding down the road, before one vehicle runs the other off he road causing it to crash. A passenger can be seen getting out of the vehicle that crashed, and opening fire on the other vehicle which then speeds away.

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Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz says the video is disturbing. “My initial thought when I saw it honestly was I was disgusted,” Berkowitz said.

In the witness video, both cars can be seen driving away after the shooting. Chief Berkowitz says one car was found a short time later, abandoned and with multiple bullet holes. The other car was found the next morning. Investigators gathered evidence from both vehicles, and they do not believe anyone was hurt in the shooting.

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Berkowitz said it appears the people involved knew each other. “We don’t believe it was road rage,” Berkowitz said. “The parties knew each other and it was intended.”

Chief Berkowitz says it’s amazing no innocent bystanders were caught in the gunfire or in the crash. “138 is a busy road,” he says, “your family, my family, anybody could’ve been walking.”

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As far as the people responsible, the chief says it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught. “Do yourself a favor and turn yourself in. We’re pretty sure we know who you are, save us the mileage on the trip to come get you.”