By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) — It’s been nearly 60 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr delivered his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech and its relevancy is embraced by young people today.

Diana Dorosairo is a junior at the Christo Rey High School in Dorchester. To honor the life and legacy of MLK she and her classmates watched the entire speech and wrote letters to Dr. King updating him on the progress that’s been made since his historic speech in 1963.

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“When he was delivering his speech, that was his dream. But a lot of his dreams have come true and they are now our reality. So I would ask is he proud of the progress we’ve made so far?” Diana said.

She wrote in her letter; I regret to inform you that people are still being judged by their skin color instead of their character.

Sixteen-year-old Veronah Najjuuko is originally from Uganda. She had never heard of the “I Have A Dream” speech before this assignment.

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“What I walk away with is that we have so much work to do and it’s going to take a lot of time. With the whole attack on the Capitol, we still have so much work to do,” Veronah said.

“One thing that he really wanted us to do was have justice and treat each other fairly,” said student Darvens Dorsainvio. “I think we still need time, I feel like it’s a process.”

Diana added, “I would tell him that we are not going to give up we are still fighting. There’s always more to do.”

Christo Rey High School Boston serves kids from under sourced families. President Rosemary Powers says they walk alongside their students so they can one day fulfill Dr. King’s dream.

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“They realize they have a responsibility to make our society better. To speak up so we can hear their voices,” Powers said.

Paul Burton