By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – As security concerns grow around state capitol buildings across the country, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker says officials are staying on top of intelligence.

Baker and State Senate President Karen Spilka, along with House Speaker Ronald Mariano, put out a joint statement Friday, saying, “As we witness the events in Washington, D.C. and across the nation, we are aware of the need to ensure the safety of this building and those who work within it. We continually assess our security needs and will adjust as necessary.”

Former Boston Police Commissioner and WBZ Security Analyst Ed Davis says legislative buildings have been a source of concern ever since people protesting pandemic restrictions stormed the Michigan State House last spring.

“There are protests planned right now among some of these conservative activists that are talking on the internet right now about doing things on January 17th and January 19th,” said Davis. “We’re in a very dangerous period of time between now and January 20th.”

On Wednesday, when violence erupted in Washington D.C., protesters gathered at State Houses in 21 states across the country, including Washington, Texas, and Kansas, where they even went inside.

“There’s a constant ongoing conversation…about the security of this building and this property,” said Baker at a news conference Friday. “The problem is about people who, for whatever reason, go way beyond the boundaries of what we would consider to be peaceful protest.”

State Police say they’re monitoring potential protest activity, but know of no specific threat in Massachusetts.

Christina Hager