BOSTON (CBS) — After protesters stormed the Capitol Building on Wednesday, Congress reconvened at 8 p.m. to finish certifying the states’ electoral vote counts.

Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating tweeted a video, promising to stay until the job is done. “I’m here, I’m going to stay here, and I’m not going to leave until we have a peaceful transfer of power. It is important for our country to show our resolve and that we are unshakable,” Keating tweeted.

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Before the Capitol Building was fully cleared of the protesters on Wednesday, many local lawmakers, who had been removed to a safe space, were signifying a willingness to return to business as soon as the building had been cleared.

Supporters of President Donald Trump pushed through barricades outside the Capitol and made their way inside the building Wednesday afternoon shortly after Mr. Trump gave a speech once again falsely claiming to have won a second term.

Sessions of the House and Senate were abruptly recessed as the building was placed under lockdown.

Representatives and senators from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts began tweeting their determination to finish the job of counting the electoral votes and certifying Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next president and vice president of the Univeter states.

“We cannot allow the actions of domestic terrorists to undermine the peaceful transition of power in our country,” tweeted Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. “Americans picked a new president who wants to save lives, save our economy, and save our democracy. The certification of this election must resume immediately.”

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey also tweeted his determination to certify the election without delay. “As soon as the Capitol is secure, Congress must cast our votes affirming the results of the Electoral College so that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in January 20. This is how we respond to this assault on our democracy. By reaffirming it. Democracy will prevail.”

Maine Sen. Susan Collins called the attack “dangerous, shameful, and outrageous.” However, she continued, Congress would continue to perform its constitutional duty. “We will affirm the certified results of the presidential election,” she tweeted.

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New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan, tweeted, “We will not let the insurrectionists have the final word — we’ll be finishing what we started on the Senate floor shortly. It’s time to uphold our democratic values and certify this election.”

“Unfortunately we had to vacate the Capitol due to the attacks today – never thought I would type those words. I appreciate all the calls & messages of concern but now I’m waiting for the National Guard to re-set the perimeter around the Capitol so we can safely go back to work,” Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch tweeted.

Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern tweeted, “Today, our freedom, our democracy, and our country were attacked by domestic terrorists who were following Donald Trump’s orders. We’ll reconvene and certify the results soon. Those who participated in violence must be held accountable to the full extent of the law.”

Congressman Jake Auchincloss tweeted a video message, in which he called January 6 “a dark day for our democracy,” but promised that the protests would not stop Congress from “fulfilling its constitutional responsibility.”

Massachusetts Congresswoman Lori Trahan called the protests “an act of domestic terrorism.” She tweeted, “Order will be restored. Justice will be swift. The count will continue.

Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton declared on Twitter, “We are certifying this election tonight.”

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Congress reconvened at 8 p.m. Wednesday, once the Capitol Building had been cleared of protesters, and began the process of certifying the election. Staff