BOSTON (CBS) – Norma Shulman said it was a “sacred honor” when she was certified as one of Massachusetts’ 11 electors who cast their votes at the Statehouse on December 14.

But it’s an honor she feels has been upended by President Trump in his effort to overturn the results of the election that she believes has set a dangerous precedent, even touching off an uprising at the U.S. Capitol.

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Massachusetts electors cast their 11 votes on December 14. (WBZ-TV)

“It’s telling people that if things don’t go the way they like, they can disrupt and they can take advantage of everyone else,” said Shulman.

Elector Thomas Larkin calls it “irregular and dysfunctional,” saying he pledged to cast his vote for the Biden/Harris ticket with the Massachusetts election results. “We were an important part of the process that was going to elect Joe Biden. The popular vote doesn’t elect Joe Biden,” said Larkin.

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Massachusetts’ electoral votes are not among those being challenged by a group of Republicans loyal to President Trump. Still, elector Wayne Yeh said he takes personally the attempt to undermine other states and believes every elector and voter should. “Regardless of party, putting country and constitution first and ensuring, no matter who we support, that everybody’s vote is counted and done so securely,” said Yeh.

The certification of the electoral college is usually ceremonial in nature on January 6, but these electors fear the contentious process that unfolded at the Capitol will have a lasting impact, especially among the President’s most ardent supporters.

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“I’m afraid they’re going to continue to believe the new President is not legitimate, and that’s really dangerous,” said Norma Shulman.

Beth Germano