BOSTON (CBS) — There was quite the Cam Newton kerfuffle on Sunday when a discussion ESPN’s Adam Schefter had about the quarterback’s future in New England came across as a report. Schefter maintains that he did not report that the Patriots and Newton would be moving on from each other at the end of the season, and said on Wednesday that everything is on the table for both sides.

The Patriots and Newton will be exploring all of their options this offseason, but a reunion is not yet out of the cards.

“What I would say — again, let me say this is my opinion, it’s not a report — this is my informed opinion: I think that both sides would like more,” Schefter told WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show on Wednesday. “I think there’s great respect between both sides. I think they would be open to working together again. I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens.

“Do I think the Patriots will explore their other options at quarterback? Absolutely. I think Cam Newton will explore his options out there to see if there is a starting job or an offense that fits him better,” continued Schefter. “Do I think he’s absolutely moving on? I don’t know that. I don’t know that. And I didn’t report that.”

Schefter also threw out a pretty wild contract offer that Newton could receive if he plays elsewhere in 2021. He said that a logical fit for Newton could be the Washington Football Team, which would reunite him with Ron Rivera, his former head coach in Carolina. Schefter added that it’s possible that Newton could get a two-year deal with incentives, worth somewhere between $40 and $50 million.

That’s a lot of cheddar for a quarterback who struggled to throw the ball for the Patriots. Over his 15 games for New England, Newton threw for just eight touchdowns (three of which came in Week 17 against the Jets) while getting picked off 10 times. Staff