By Staff

DUXBURY (CBS) – Police in Duxbury broke up an illegal gathering at a home on New Year’s Eve. Officers were called to a disturbance on Federal Eagle Rd. and discovered teenagers from several South Shore communities.

The party was broken up and 17 people were identified. Police believe several other people left the area before being identified. One person who was intoxicated was taken to an area hospital.

A resident of the home, 18-year-old Zackary Hamadeh, will be charged with providing alcohol to minors in connection with the party. Police said additional charges related to violations of the COVID-19 gathering restrictions are likely.

“The police department is working closely with other agencies to ensure that all appropriate steps are being taken to minimize the risk to public safety and health as a result of this illegal gathering,” Duxbury Police Chief Stephen R. McDonald said in a news release.

The capacity limit for indoor gatherings at private homes in Massachusetts is 10 people after the state stepped back to Phase 3, Step 1 of the COVID reopening plan.

The Duxbury school department and health department have been notified about the gathering. Staff