By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts residents are glad President Trump signed the federal stimulus bill.

“I could definitely use some help,” said Heidi Barry of Quincy. Barry, a single mom, and many others could soon see the $600 stimulus check. “Every little bit helps.”

“Pay bills comfortably I guess more or less,” said Andy Bridges of Boston.

“I think we should have got more, but I guess we gotta deal with what we gotta deal with,” said William Morris of Boston.

President Trump was holding off signing the bill as he called on congress to increase the stimulus amount to $2,000, but changed his mind and signed it Sunday.

“He should have signed it when it came out and if everybody else agreed to it I don’t see why he didn’t sign it,” said Janet Sweeney of Quincy.

“So much of the attention about this bill has been focused on that check. The $600 check but there is a lot more to this bill than that,” said Greg Sullivan of Pioneer Institute.

Greg Sullivan, of the Boston based think tank, Pioneer Institute says this federal relief package will also allow the state to boost aid to things like higher education and to help small businesses.

“The biggest single benefit of this bill is that it extends the payroll protection plan, which is a small business, medium sized business forgivable loan program,” said Sullivan.

Mike LaCrosse