By Staff

BRAINTREE (CBS) — A massive fire tore through a home in Braintree on Christmas morning. The family of three was able to get out safely before flames destroyed the house on Pleasant View Avenue.

Fire Chief James O’Brien said the mother woke up and smelled smoke, and got her husband and son outside.

The fire started at about 8:30 a.m. Firefighters faced challenges including the intense winds and navigating narrow streets in battling the blaze.

“Every time you ventilate a roof you have the wind that’s coming down and swirling and spreading the fire at a much faster rate than it normally would,” said O’Brien.

He said the fire is still being investigated, but possible causes include a propane-fueled fireplace or an overload of electronic equipment.

“I couldn’t believe it, on Christmas,” said neighbor Carol Roey. “My heart goes out for them.”

Four towns provided mutual aid in extinguishing the fire. Staff