By Kate Merrill

BILLERICA (CBS) – Every night there is a surprise Christmas treat for the kids of Billerica delivered right to their doors.

Santa and his crew roar through town spreading cheer from house-to-house with a makeshift sleigh that really can move.

“I’m just trying to spread cheer, make kids happy,” Santa told WBZ-TV.

He’s actually Al Quinton, a local contractor, who really tapped into his building skills.

“We are on rendition four of the sleigh. It was a lawnmower. Now we use an electric golf cart and battery pack,” he told us.”

Once he had the sleigh, he grabbed a suit, blew up a few reindeer and jazzed up the golf cart.

“I built plywood sides, painted it red and put lights on it, so it looks like a sleigh,” Quinton said.

Billerica’s Santa Al Quinton and his sleigh. (Photo credit: Al Quinton)

He posts his route every day so the kids can get ready. They all seem to love it, but maybe none more than Santa Al himself.

“Between the 3 and 5 year-olds it’s second to none. You can’t replace that feeling even for me seeing their reaction. They are so happy it makes their day, their year,” he said.

He plans to continue until Christmas and you can find his route on the Billerica resident Facebook page or Santa Al’s page.

Kate Merrill