BOSTON (CBS) — The flakes were flying throughout New England on Thursday, with over a foot of snow blanketing most of the region. For Patriots quarterback Cam Newton, it was his first snow day since arriving in the Northeast.

And Cam loved every second of it.

“Oh my goodness, I found myself looking out the window last night and it almost felt like a kid at Christmas looking for Santa,” Newton told reporters on Thursday. “I am looking out like, ‘Oh my God. Look at all this snow.'”

Newton didn’t enjoy may snow days during his nine years with the Carolina Panthers, so he found himself entranced during Thursday’s storm.

“I was mesmerized by the guys who were trying to clean up the snow,” he explained. “I don’t even know the machines names, but shout out to those guys who salt the roads and clean the roads; a job that doesn’t get noticed but is extremely needed.”

It’s easy for Newton to say he enjoyed the storm so much; he didn’t have to go out and shovel any of it. The Patriots also practiced indoors on Thursday, though players did have to trek across a snowy field to get to the facilities.

But now Newton and his teammates get to take a trip to South Florida for Sunday’s game against the Dolphins. Sunday’s forecast in Miami: 79 and sunny.

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