By Rachel Holt

BOSTON (CBS) – A cold day in Boston didn’t stop people from braving the weather and having a little fun. At Flagstaff Hill on the Boston Common, we saw many kids, like 5-year-old Essa, with big smiles on their faces. She shared, “I like making snowmen, I like sledding, and the other thing I like to do is snowball fights.”

We saw pets, with Labrador retriever owner Diane telling WBZ-TV, “My dog loves this weather!”

And there were plenty of adults getting in on the fun, too. One dad sledding with his three children bragged, “I’m usually the fastest kid down the hill.”

A child on a snowboard gets a push down a hill on the Boston Common (WBZ-TV)

For some, the best part about snow days is no school or no work. It is clear many were looking forward to this day.

We came across a woman named Stacy snowshoeing along the Charles River, who shared, “normally I have to drive up to New Hampshire to use my snowshoes but today you can do it locally.”

A woman snowshoes along the Charles River (WBZ-TV)

Some Bostonians were putting their talents to good use today, like Christopher Harper, who spent 1.5 hours building an igloo on Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

“People were excited. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to be able to complete what I started but I’m glad I’m able to get it done and hopefully some people out around the neighborhood can come check it out and enjoy it,” said Harper.

Many shared that this year especially, enjoying a good old-fashioned snow day is just what they needed.

Rachel Holt