By Beth Germano

PEABODY (CBS) – It was close to the jackpot in Peabody, as 15 inches of snow fell in the city.

Matthew Gagnon, who was cleaning off his car, says he was ready for the prize.

“We knew it was coming. I guess you’re never really ready, but you hope it turns out to be nothing,” Gagnon said. “This one is definitely something.”

Relentless snowfall in the city kept piling up and had crews also piling up on salt at the DPW yard, struggling to stay ahead, according to director Bob Labossiere.

“During the middle of the storm, it went from cold to 32, heavy wet snow. And right after that, another freeze came in and solidified everything,” said Labossiere.

With a slightly smaller fleet due to the coronavirus and local budget cuts, the storm was a challenge.

“It’s pretty rough, it’s icy. I mean, there’s a lot of people on the road. I mean, it’s dangerous,” said plow truck driver Johnny Wood.

People on the road were having a hard time of it, with wheels getting stuck in the snow.  At least on the cars it was a lighter, fluffier snow that made it easier to clean.

“There’s no control over mother nature,” said Sis Williams, while trying to get to Salem to open her barbershop. “We may open, we might not, depends on if I get some calls.”

Beth Germano