By Liam Martin

HINGHAM (CBS) — Heidi Fougere has been cutting hair professionally for 17 years.

But never quite like this – inside a trailer.

“We were kind of without a choice,” she told WBZ-TV. Heidi is a mother of six and was laid off from her job at a salon on Cape Cod when the pandemic hit.

“Paying for six kids to eat is a lot, and their shoes that they lose all the time. So we created Curb,” she said.

The Curb Mobile Hair Studio.

She and her husband retrofitted a trailer and turned it into a salon. And she now drives to clients’ driveways and offers just about any service they’d get in a traditional salon.

Heidi Fougere cuts Liam Martin’s hair in her mobile salon. (WBZ-TV)

“I can have them walk out in their slippers or whatever they want to wear, sit in my trailer, they forget about everything else and still get pampered,” she said.

Heidi has gone to great lengths to make it safe. She wears two masks; a face shield; arm and hand coverings. She sanitizes everything between uses. She installed an air purifier in the trailer and she can open up the back to get more ventilation.

Her favorite part of this new venture?

“When a client sits in your chair and you can literally see their shoulders go from this position to this, and they just take a breath and they relax,” she said.

Heidi Fougere outside her mobile hair salon. (WBZ-TV)

If you’re interested in learning more about the Curb Mobile Hair Studio, visit their website or their Facebook page.