BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick sat down for his video conference with Patriots reporters on Wednesday with a whole lot to say about the Los Angeles Chargers … and a bit of sarcasm in his back pocket.

The head coach was asked about the issues the Patriots have had in the first quarter this season, and after an honest answer, Belichick made sure to thank the reporter for bringing up a sore subject.

“Thanks for pointing that out,” Belichick said. “I appreciate it.”

While Belichick certainly doesn’t like the reality for his team at the start of games, he noted that it remains a point of emphasis for the entire roster and coaching staff.

“We’ve been working on it. We’ve been working on it literally every day,” Belichick said. “So, we’ll keep working on it and see if we can get get better results here and move ahead.”

Certainly, the matter has been a thorn in the Patriots’ side all year. They’ve been outscored 56-21 in the first quarter, and they’ve only entered the second quarter with a lead in one game — Week 9 at the Jets.

“Not where we need to be or want to be, so that’ll be important this week. It’s important every week,” Belichick said. “Honestly, if I had the answer I would have done it 10 weeks ago. But right now we’ve just still gotta perform better early in the game — coaching, playing. Find a way to be more productive than we’ve been. So that’s definitely a priority.”