By Liam Martin

MARSHFIELD (CBS) – On Summer Street in Marshfield is a farm that many swear is magical.

The Magical Moon Farm.

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“We nurture and empower children with cancer and other life-threatening conditions,” owner Donna Green, told WBZ-TV about the farm’s mission.

Green founded it 26 years ago as a refuge and education center for kids battling for their lives.

Five-year-old Finian Sweeney is one of those kids. He has hemiatrophy on his left side and epilepsy. Doctors told his family he might not be able to run. But we learned he can run all over the Magical Moon Farm, visiting his favorite animal, Freckles the goat, riding on the rope swing and learning how to grow vegetables in the farm’s garden.

Finian Sweeney and Freckles the Goat at Magical Moon Farm. (WBZ-TV)

In fact, Finian was just made a knight of the Magical Moon Round Table –- replete with a knighting ceremony, a cape and a sword.

“It’s just that Donna loves me, and she wanted me to be a knight,” he told us.

His mom, Breezy, says he lit up.

“It was magical. It was special,” she said. “He chose his knight’s name, Sir Finian the Unstoppable. And he is unstoppable.”

“We’ve been told since Day 1, ‘Don’t expect him to do this. Don’t expect him to do that.’ And every time they say that, he goes and does it the next day,” she said.

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Thirteen-year-old Diane, who suffers from a liver condition, joined the farm this past summer and was also just knighted.

”It means I’m strong, and on the back of [my medallion] it says, “Love makes you real.’”

And family after family told us that’s how this place makes their kids feel – loved.

“I honestly feel that when you come onto the property, even if you’ve been here many, many times, you just feel like you get a big hug,” said Coni Wessman. Her grandson has been battling Ewing’s Sarcoma from a young age and has found friends and purpose through the Magical Moon Farm.

“If they could write one of those books, Chicken Soup for the Soul – that’s what Magical Moon is for the soul,” Coni said.


But there is some concern about the future of the farm. The pandemic has meant far fewer donations and volunteers. Donna’s worried they could soon go under.

“We’ve got a three-month extension to stay here right now, but we need a lot to save the farm,” she said.

She’s hoping the community can find a little magic and keep this place afloat.

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To donate to the mission of the Magical Moon Farm, visit and click on “support.”