BOSTON (CBS) — This was already shaping up to be a pretty busy week for the Boston Celtics. And on Monday, we got a glimpse of some new threads that the team will wear during the 2020-21 NBA season.

The Twitter account @camisasdaNBA shared some leaked images of Boston’s “City Edition” jerseys on Monday morning, and the design should look pretty familiar to anyone who has enjoyed a Celtics home game:

The jerseys are designed to look like Boston’s NBA Championship banners that are hanging in the rafters at TD Garden. You should know what they look like — the franchise has 17 of them hanging there.

The new design was met with some criticism on social media — because what isn’t criticized on social media? But they’re a far cry from last year’s “City Edition” uniforms, which were green with gold trim, which was met with even more vitriol when they were unveiled last season.

People love to see those banners hanging at the TD Garden. Time will tell if they’ll like to see the design on the players on the floor.

  1. Life Panels says:

    Anything is better than last years uniforms. That font was horrible!

    This city edition design is simple, which is great for banners, but too plain for uniforms.

    I still liked the 2017 design with the parquet floor as the backdrop.

    This year, instead of Red’s signature, how about Tommy H.’s signature?

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