BOSTON (CBS) – A new memorial opened on Sunday at the Little League field on Boston Common that pays tribute to the victims of racial injustice in America.

Located at the corner of Charles Street and Boylston Street, the “Say Their Names” memorial shows the names and faces of black lives lost to racism since the mid-nineteenth century.

Some of the pictures at the new “Say Their Names” memorial in Boston. (WBZ-TV)

There have been “Say Their Names” memorials in over 25 cities nationwide. The movement began in Portland, Oregon.

“Our hope is to offer a space for reflection and to spur dialogue among community members in an effort to better understand the role each of us plays in ongoing, systematic racism while honoring those lives taken by it,” said Carissa Sacchetti, the organizer of the “Say Their Names” memorial in Boston, in an Instagram post.

The memorial in Boston will be open from Nov. 15-22.

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  1. JimStark says:

    Breonna Taylor’s name is on the list. I really don’t think her death falls under racism. How many others are bogus flags?

  2. Jalen Botster says:

    i guess there wouldnt be enough time to to say the names of the 8000 black on black murders year.

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