By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Ready or not, the holiday season is almost here. And with winter approaching, some families are getting an early start on buying Christmas decorations.

At The Home Depot in Natick, decorations are in high demand and flying off shelves.

“I want to do more because we can’t go anywhere to be festive,” said one holiday season buyer.

People are even picking up trees ahead of Thanksgiving. Mac Fox owns Snokist LTD, a 3000-acre tree farm that is the exclusive provider of Christmas trees to Home Depots throughout New England.

“The demand is very strong,” Fox said. “All the reports that I’ve seen is, something like a 10% increase on natural Christmas trees.”

Fox also says the trees will last through the holiday season if they are watered consistently.

“Even just putting it in your garage or to the side of your house, just any place that does not have direct sunlight is the convenient way to have them,” Fox said.

The Setagian family wanted to set up their tree as soon as they get home.

“This year has been full of so much turmoil, so we’re trying to enjoy as much of the festivities as we can,” Todd Setagian said.

Because of the pandemic, many families are not going to be traveling for the holiday season. So some may be spending a little extra time and money to decorate their homes early this season.

In fact, it took the Damaceno family in Framingham only three days to set up their Christmas display.

“We kind of wanted to decorate it because it’s been such a difficult year,” said Blunen Damaceno. “And we are trying get our hopes up.”

Paul Burton

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