BOSTON (CBS) – A violent assault on the streets of South Boston was captured on video. Police are now asking the public to help identify those involved.

Video released by Boston Police shows a group of people riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers near Dorchester Street and West 4th Street on Monday night just after 8 p.m. A man then runs into the video and stumbles, falling to the ground.

Several of the riders proceed to hit and kick the man and strike him with their bikes, circling back multiple times.

Boston police say a man was assaulted by a group riding motorbikes and ATVs in South Boston. (Image: BPD)

The victim was able to walk away from the scene, but was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries to his arms, shoulders, back, and head.

Neighbors said the assault was frightening, but the sight and sound of ATVs and dirt bikes on a public street is actually familiar.

“I have seen them drive by before, yeah. I have also seen them before I think on Newbury Street as well,” one man said.

People in the area are disappointed by the behavior captured in the video.

“People just don’t care anymore,” one woman said. “At one time, people cared about other people, and that seems not to happen anymore. Society is crazy.”

Police are hoping for help identifying those involved. Anybody with information can call Boston Police detectives at (617) 343-4742 or anonymously call the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS or by texting the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463).

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  1. Frank DeLorey says:

    This is what defunding the police brings…

    1. larry Raisman says:

      and your comment is what happens when they defund schools :/

      1. TheTruth says:

        Whatever, tool. Fact is you can’t take the truth. You are blind to the constant crime black thugs commit day after day after day and you make excuses for them and call anyone who talks against them a racist. Another fact is, this country…ANY country would be significantly better off without these thugs rotting every city they live in. You can apologize and pretend black men don’t cause most of the violent crime in this country. Every time you do you just sound that much more stupid. Go back to bed man bun and let your cesspool city rot more and more. You will just do what you always do. Blame someone else. Pathetic!

      2. Steve Dugan says:

        sadsack; me or anyone else calling you a racist doesn’t make you a racist, you saying racist things and thinking racist thoughts makes you a racist. literally every statistic shows crime declining nationally over the last few decades. but that ‘truth’ is just too inconvenient for you. let me guess – you get your ‘alternative facts’ from facebook and racist ‘blogs’ run by russian trolls telling you exactly what you want to hear, and fear. you only have an opinion when something happens in the news that conveniently dove-tails with your version of ‘thetruth’. you are a lazy weakling.

    2. Joe Somebody says:

      Except this happened while the police was fully funded you egg.

      1. Frank DeLorey says:

        Sure they are that is why there is a roving gang on unregistered motor bikes in Boston and no cops… simpleton.

      2. just give the blacks your house and car. that way they won’t have an excuse to loot and murder

  2. JimStark says:

    Where do these rats get the money for the bikes and ATVs?

  3. Jonathan Dawson says:

    Even if the good BPD catches the POS’. Rachael Rollins and her anti-white agenda will just let them all back out to terrorize your streets. Give it some time and they’ll be in your neighborhood soon enough.

  4. blacks steal and loot thats how they got the bikes and ATVS

  5. we need to start shooting these joggers and looters

  6. Steve Dugan says:

    yeah b/c you’re such a smart and effective judge jury and executioner, you racist idiot. save these comments for parler and 4chan moron. people like you are why we need better stronger gun laws. by the way, i’m a white working class irish catholic from a ‘cop family’ and you’re making us all look bad…

    1. Joe Bagadonuts says:

      Those cops in your family must be really proud of you. Do you still get invited to thanksgiving?

      1. Steve Dugan says:

        yes and yes, thanks for asking. p.s. mike birbiglia thinks your nickname is idiotic. he told me as much…

    2. LOL these joggers will kill you and your family and you want to limit guns? you must have a death wise. i honestly would love to see police defunded. i’d rather do the dity work my self. you and the corrupt DAs in this state make me sick

  7. Joe says:

    These so called ” Teens ” make me Sick. One trait i’ve always noticed though; it’s ALWAYS 5 + or more against 1. Another thing that makes me Vomit are the individuals that are CONSTANTLY making excuses for these animals ( No Insult To Animals ) ; and if you try to call them out on it ; by pointing out the Truth; they turn around and call you Racist; or whatever popular term they’re taught in school to deflect the Truth as much as possible.

    1. blacks have no honor. they belong in africa

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