YARMOUTH (CBS) – Thomas Latanowich, who prosecutors say in 2018 shot and killed Yarmouth Police Officer Sean Gannon and wounded his K-19 partner when they tried to serve a search warrant, was back in Barnstable Superior Court on Thursday for a procedural hearing.

The 32-year-old acknowledged his family as he was being led into court. It was a hearing on the procedure of collecting DNA.

Next month, his attorney will ask the judge for a change of venue, claiming there’s been too much publicity in the case.

“In my 22 years of trying cases, I’ve never seen a case with more publicity,” said defense attorney Joe Krowski.

It was in April of 2018 that Latanowich allegedly shot and killed Sgt. Gannon as the officer was serving him an arrest warrant.

The loss of the popular young cop affects the Yarmouth Police Department to this day.

“He’s a friend, co-worker, community member and beloved,” said Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson. “So yeah, that has a big impact when you lose someone like that.”

Latanowich’s hearing on Thursday was procedural. Still, Gannon’s parents were there. They plan to endure every day of the upcoming trial.

“Everything is tough,” Gannon’s mother told WBZ-TV.

Latanowich’s family did not want to comment about the upcoming trial.

Bill Shields

  1. The impact of Sgt Ganon’s death on the community is tragic. The bigger tragedy is seeing Lantowich interacting with his family. Sgt Gagnon’s family cannot. Lantowich will drag this out. To what purpose. I ask myself these questions everytime I see these guys ion court. Going through their process of a court trial. In this case the commonwealth will spend mre than 250,000.00 dollars. Then they will spend 30,000.00 a year to house him the next 50 years. HMr. Lantowich thinks a change of venue will help him? Does he think a change of venue will give him a chance at a not guilty verdict. Why c an’t Mr Lantowich do the Commonwealth a favor and try to escape while being transported.

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