By Bill Shields

HYDE PARK (CBS) – A Tom turkey that has been aggressively harassing residents on Westminster Street in Hyde Park made his presence obvious today.

Upon arriving at Westminster Street, WBZ-TV reporter Bill Shields and photographer Rick Hertzler saw the big Tom blocking a car in a driveway.

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Bill Shields is chased by a turkey in a Hyde Park neighborhood. (WBZ-TV)

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When the TV crew approached, the turkey turned its attention/anger toward them, engaging Shields in a kind of turkey tango, pecking at the microphone.

Amused residents gathered to watch, with one saying, “I guess he’s letting us know he’s not going to be the one on our plates this year.”

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Just a few days ago, Luz Poulette and her boyfriend were walking down the street when the turkey crossed the road and attacked Poulette. “He jumped on my arm — turkeys have spurs on the back of their claws and he knicked me with it. I finally had to hit him with my purse to get him to leave me alone,” she said. The encounter left her amused, but with some bruises.