BREWSTER (CBS) – A popular summer camp on Cape Cod is closing down for good after 100 years in business.

The owners of Cape Cod Sea Camps said they were forced to cancel this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, because of their financial situation they will not be able to re-open.

Families who have already made deposits will have that money refunded in full.

The family who has owned the camp for almost a century said they will explore options for the future of the 60-acres of beachfront property.

“This was an exceedingly difficult decision to make, and the result is understandably heartbreaking for our owners, our board of directors and our entire camp family,” said Cape Cod Sea Camps spokesperson Jim Fleet. “Unfortunately, after long discussions and a comprehensive analysis of the pandemic’s impact on our long-term financial situation, it became painfully clear that closing our Camp was the only responsible course of action.”

Jim Fleet, who represents the family who has run the camp for almost a century.

“They were very thoughtful about it,” Fleet said

Hannah Starr spent 13 summers there, as a camper, then counselor.

“I hope it’s not forever, because I was planning on sending my kids there, and grandkids,” said Starr.

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  1. Peg Golden says:

    Very sad indeed. Another Covid casualty. So many happy kids spent time there, including my son. Sad.

  2. Jennie says:

    No!!! How much to buy it and keep it open???? Fabulous community space !!! Global community space!!!

  3. SARA SHIELDS says:

    i thought they did a fair amount of off-season conference events? maybe that is a future. beautiful place

  4. NFR says:

    I hope that the Chairman Baker , is happy for destroying tens of thousands of peoples lives .

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