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At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies closed their offices and offered their employees the opportunity to work from home. Recently, many companies have been re-opening their offices and inviting their employees back to work. Without a COVID-19 vaccine currently available, many questions remain for employers who want to re-open in a healthy and safe way.

One important factor for companies to consider is how they will feed their employees.

A local startup called 6AM Health is doing its part to help other companies re-open their offices safely. 6AM Health provides offices with self-service food kiosks called Fresh Fridges, which its founder and CEO, Brad Callow, says allows employees to access food in the safest way possible.

“Our goal at 6AM Health is to make healthy food more convenient and accessible,” says Callow. “Eating healthy has always been difficult, and COVID certainly hasn’t made it any easier.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has added numerous new obstacles for office managers looking to feed their teams. Many buildings have been forced to close their cafeterias, and picking up food from crowded restaurants is a risk that many people want to avoid.

The Fresh Fridge is stocked with healthy entrees like salads, quinoa bowls, pastas, sandwiches, and wraps, all handmade by a team of chefs in 6AM Health’s kitchen in Woburn, MA. Employees looking to grab a quick lunch can select anything from a buffalo chicken quinoa bowl to a pesto caprese pasta entree, or even a Greek salad. In addition, the Fresh Fridge includes healthy snacks and beverages from a variety of local, New England-based brands.

The team at 6AM Health has been placing Fresh Fridges at many offices around Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, allowing employees all over New England to grab a healthy bite for lunch without having to leave the building.

“All of our food is individually portioned and individually wrapped,” says Callow, highlighting how the Fresh Fridge offers businesses with a COVID-safe option. “The Fresh Fridge is self-service, which means you don’t need to interact with other people to get your food. We offer contactless deliveries, and we have also been providing our clients with complimentary sanitizing wipes and gloves for added personal protection.”

In many ways, the Fresh Fridge has been optimized to be as safe as possible in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. For companies seeking a safe food service for the office, 6AM Health’s Fresh Fridge kiosk could be a perfect solution.

If you would like to learn more about how you can add the Fresh Fridge service to your office, click here to visit the 6AM Health website.

Sponsored by and Provided by 6AM Health


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