BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton loves himself a fancy three-piece suit. Throw in some expensive shoes, a snazzy little bowtie, and of course a custom headpiece, and Newton generally makes a rather grand entrance on game day.

Yet with his and the team’s fortunes on a bit of a downswing, Newton kept things simple when he showed up for work at MetLife Stadium for Monday Night Football between the Patriots and Jets.

Cam was seen rolling in to the building with some tattered jeans, a leather jacket, and a simple white undershirt. He did wear one of his many fancy hats and his usual assortment of jewelry, but the look was notably more stripped-down than some of his game day outfits from this season.

Newton’s outfits have garnered lots of attention this year, most notably this little yellow number from his Week 1 victory against Miami:

Newton even drew some criticism from former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia for wearing fancy clothes after playing poorly. Newton said he understood and agreed with the point but that he wasn’t going to change the way he dresses.

“I think people kind of look forward to it. I know I do. My mom does, and that’s what I really do it for,” Newton said.

Yet with the Patriots at 2-5, and with Newton coming off a game where he fumbled the ball away on the potential game-winning or game-tying drive, the vests and ties stayed in the closet for Monday Night Football.


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