By Bill Shields

MIDDLEBORO (CBS) – In 2016, voters in Middleboro chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, by a small margin. And it appears he has won the town again. But there is palatable sense of anxiety in the Trump stronghold.

Even the morning after Election Day, when Lauren Hernandez opened the doors to Cafe Milano, she was met with customers all talking about the same thing. Who won? “There’s a lot of election anxiety today is what I’m hearing a lot of. Excitement,” Hernandez said.

And right across the street, is a Trump store, selling merchandise emblazoned with the Trump name or image. Here, too there was anxiety, but a sense of confidence in the eventual outcome.

Eric Gunnison was in there, looking for mementos. He’s cautiously optimistic. “I know this election is completely different than the first election,” Gunnison said. “Just the way things are being done how we are voting with all the mail-in, and the Covid situations and how things are going, so I’m not really sure what the turnout will end up being.”

Bill Shields